Monday, October 3, 2016

What Does Your "Salt Life" Look Like

I am so happy to highlight my daughter's blog.
This is definitely a proud momma moment.

What does your ‘salt life’ look like?
You know, I read this and thought…”Hmmm…have I lost my flavor OR has my flavor changed?!”

God calls us to be the salt to this world. When we come to a crossroads, which is really a battlefield in our spiritual walk with Christ, we have to make a decision. Will I continue to be the salt to this dying world? Or will I give up my flavor? What we choose in that moment is key….

Choosing to be the salt is hard and sometimes so lonely it hurts. Yet God will continue to provide and has already won the victory for you! Do you trust Him enough to keep your flavor?

When we don’t and we give up our flavor, can we be salty again? That question hit my heart like a ton of bricks. I have given up some flavor in my life. I thought, “God what happened to that salt? I mean…my flavor was gone so did I just lise some grains?”

I guess that sounds silly now…but really what happens to it? And then I felt like He gave me my answer: in the worldly perspective, that salt is no good and is ruined. BUT in His loving with abandon perspective, He can make your salt new again. He alone will give you fresh salt. Sometimes that salt is even a different flavor.

When God brings you through a victory, not only do you have a fresh salt but a new flavor as you grow. There are many different kinds for many different things, in this life they different health benefits. Just as it does in the world, so it is in the spiritual…each flavor is for a unique spiritual health benefit. Now, when He placed that on my heart it created a fresh outlook for me on this verse. I am not called to be only one kind of salt to use for every situation I am in, I am called to be many kinds of salt (pink himalayan salt, black volcano salt, white salt from my Momma’s chicken salt shaker…etc) to touch and change the people in this lost and dying world. With each gift of salt I use, God touches people and situations in a different and unique way through me. That changed everything for me.

* What does your ‘salt life’ look like?

* Have you lost your flavor?

* Do you need fresh salt in your life?

* Or do you need a different flavor in your life?

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