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LearnBop for Families Review
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I'm not saying that this is the case today.....but we have had some anxiety induced meltdown moments during home school, all because of MATH! Are any of you homeschool parents feeling me right now?  LOL!  Many students have a love/hate relationship with Math. I completely understand that, since that was me during my high school years! LearnBop has a great new way to practice math with their LearnBop for Families subscription! Finding the right tool to help each of your children learn effectively and efficiently is not always an easy task. Sometimes, this daunting task seems unmanageable, but I am hoping to help you out today! Since I find it to be the absolute greatest responsibility as a homeschool parent, I wanted to share this great online math tutoring site with you. Some of you may also feel like me, I feel that the task gets harder as my children get older...That is why I am so happy to have the opportunity to review this product for LearnBop

With LearnBop for Families , math help is just a click away. You can take it on the go and utilize this wonderful help from anywhere. Which I'm sure your kids will love!! LOL! LearnBop for Families  is a tool to help your student navigate through the world we call math, and come out successful on the other end! This online Math subscription service provides personalized Math tutoring/instruction for students in the 3rd to 12th grades, and they have one goal in mind....Math education! No matter whether your student is behind and needs a boost to catch up, or your student is bright and needs some guidance on how to move ahead, LearnBop has got you covered!

Beginning with the Adaptive Roadmaps, LearnBop will recognize any learning gaps that your student may be struggling with and then customize a learning experience just for them. This experience will include: instructional videos, math problems (hints included), feedback and motivational aids. I have found LearnBop for Families  to be a "full-service" learning site!
I used this program with a 9th grader and a 12th grader. I loved that the program is easy and fun to use. When I signed my girls into the program, they were able to easily navigate the system and find their way through their own roadmap!
LearnBop for Families ReviewBecause we are currently on Summer Break....I didn't put a lot of requirements on my girls. I told them to work through the program 3 days a week, and they went to work! They worked through the units as they wished...and enjoyed the instructional videos a lot. My youngest really enjoyed the opportunity to warm up before beginning. It was wonderful watching them solidify previous concepts they had already learned, as well as learn new things in prep for the beginning of the school year. 
LearnBop for Families Review
I found this product to be beneficial and practical as a homeschool parent. This is a great way to provide additional helps and tutoring so that your child is always moving forward in their educational needs. LearnBop for Families is a!

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LearnBop for Families Review

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