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Circle C Milestones: Thick as Thieves Review - TOS Crew

Thick as Thieves Book Review
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Circle C Milestones has hit a grand slam with regards to their wonderful Andrea Carter book, Thick as Thieves! When I saw this review come up, I was hopeful that my daughter would enjoy it, but also knew that she didn't really enjoy reading. So when the book arrived I was a little nervous about it. All my nerves were set at ease when she opened it up and began reading Chapter 1. From day one she jumped in and devoured this book! One of her favorite subjects to study is US History. Set in the 1880's this book was able to take her love of history mix it up with some Christian fiction and produce an instant hit of a book!

As a homeschool mom, I think one of my biggest challenges is finding material that is not only enjoyable to read, but helps fulfill the educational goals that I have for my kids. Susan K. Marlow hit the nail on the head with this book.  My daughters have wanted to move a farm house for quite some time, with a strong desire to have some horses. Even though the time period was different, my daughter really found herself relating to Andi Carter. She also enjoyed learning about ranching in California in the late 1800's in the process.  We studied a little bit of California history last year, and that helped her enjoy this book even more. Overall she thought this book was great.

We also received a digital copy of a study guide to use as we went through the book. It was a great way of testing comprehension, as well as a wonderful opportunity to make time to talk about what was going on in the book. The study guide was broken up to cover three chapters at a time, and then had different sections in it. Here are some of the sections: Vocabulary, Grammar, and Idioms, Characterization, Thinking about the Story, Synonyms and Antonyms, 1880's Arithmetic, Cattle Rustling then and now.....There were also crossword puzzles, timelines, as well as additional activities just for fun! The additional activities include: How to keep a journal, writing a dime novel, how to memorize scriptures, and posters for the scriptures you have memorized. There are also opportunities to stop for a moment and memorize scriptures throughout the study guide!  How awesome is that?! My only problem was getting her to stop reading long enough to take a look at the guide, but it was so worth it!  The study guide is nicely prepared and easy to use, making this a great book for your homeschooler. They have provided an answer key at the back of the study guide for easy access to you as a homeschool parent.

I loved this book! It was great for me to see my daughter diving into learning and enjoying it so much. I am thankful for the opportunity to review this book and feel like it was a huge benefit to my child. She has struggled in the past with learning and so seeing her walking around with a book and a smile on her face was more than I could have ever expected! 
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