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Editor in Chief Level 2, The Critical Thinking Co. Review - TOS Crew

Critical Thinking Company Review
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For this review I received a copy of Editor in Chief Level 2 for my 7th Grader to use from The Critical Thinking Company. We used it every day in class as a supplement to what she was already doing in English.
This is a great supplemental workbook for working on your editing skills. 
It covers the following topics:
content, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, adjectives, adverbs, articles, conjunctions, prepositions, interjections, pronouns, verbs, clauses, phases, agreement, confused word pairs, negative words, run-on sentences, and sentence fragments.
Critical Thinking Company Review
You don't have to want to be an editor to need the skills found in this book!  What you find when you open up the book is a simple grammar practice skill on every page. After learning a simple lesson, they are ready to put it into practice on the activity page. The goal of this book is mastery, which is what we all want for our children. We desire them to be able to master every skill in this book.
Where my daughter struggled with this book is that she has some reading comprehension issues. So it was a struggle for her to slow down long enough to grasp the concept on the page and then put it into practice. I didn't find that to be a negative to the use of this book though. She needs to slow down and sometimes re-read what is being expected of her, and this book required her to do just that.
Her favorite part was the content part. In this section you read an article that has all the facts, grammar, punctuation, etc. correct and then you look at the article with incorrect changes to it. You have to find all the mistakes in second article. She felt very much like a super sleuth as she hunted down all the changes in the second article. It was so great to watch her work as she was having so much fun! She has struggled in school most of her life, and finding her having fun in school doesn't happen all the time, so this was great!
Overall, we loved Editor in Chief Level 2. You will find several review pages throughout the book. I like that they pause and check to make sure that your student is still on track. With these checks, I also was able to see where she may still be needing some extra help in certain areas. I found that even though we had already covered  a certain area, a little extra practice never hurts! 
As she was working through this book I had the thought that this is wonderful to go along with your lessons, but it is also great as a refresher book, and may work nicely as a summer workbook to maintain grammar skills over the long break.  I don't know if any of you do that, but the lessons are short enough that it would be a great second use for the book!
Parents, don't worry!  The answers are in the back, so that is helpful too for when you are trying to check work!
Critical Thinking Company Review

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