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The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 Verses [Review & Giveaway]
A Family Christian Review and Giveaway!
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About the author:
Chris Bruno (PhD, Wheaton College) is professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Northland International University in Dunbar, Wisconsin. He previously served as executive director and academic dean of the Antioch School Hawaii. He is coauthor (with Matt Dirks) of Churches Partnering Together.
About the book:
This book comes at the Bible in a whole new way. The author has chosen 16 key verses that show the common theme of redemption and how it courses through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
In the Preface he writes:
"Some biblical theology books are forest books. They paint with broad strokes, showing us the main parts from one section of the Bible or even the big picture of the whole Bible. These kinds of books help us see the overall shape of the Bible's main themes. Other biblical theology books are tree books. They take one tree - either a theme or a passage from the Bible - and carefully saw it apart, count the rings, and then give us a thorough explanation of how that particular tree fits into the forest. But there aren't a lot of books - especially shorter books, like this one - that are both forest and tree books.
This book is an attempt to see the forest by looking at the trees (verses or passages)."
As you begin reading you will see that this book is split into two parts.
Part 1 - Goes into detail about the creation of man and the role we play on this earth. It also describes the need for our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, to come to earth as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. As the author takes us through each verse, he highlights the fact that we are never without hope.
Excerpt - "After they ate the fruit, they knew they were naked and experienced shame and even fear that comes from such nakedness. So they make loincloths for themselves. They wanted to cover themselves, to hide from each other, and to hide from God. But their pitiful garments could not hide their sin from God. He found them and pronounced judgment upon them.
But even in the midst of this darkness, we find notes of hope. God did not leave Adam and Eve naked Genesis 3:21. He provided them with clothes, and in so doing, he gave them a picture of the redemption he would provide for them."
Part 1 - The Time is Coming
Creation - Genesis 1:31
Human Beings - Genesis 1:27-28
The Fall - Genesis 3:6-7
Redemption Promised - Genesis 3:15
Abraham - Genesis 12:2-3
Judah the King - Genesis 49:10
The Passover Lamb - Exodus 12:23
King David - 2 Samuel 7:12-13
The Suffering Servant - Isaiah 53:6
Resurrection Promised - Ezekiel 37: 3-5
New Creation - Isaiah 65:17
Part 2 - Summarizes the fulfillment of the redemption of God's creation. "Jesus is the One through whom all of these promises find fulfillment, first in his sacrificial death as a necessary and just payment for sin and then in his victorious resurrection and reign as King. This great story will find its culmination when the redeemed from every tribe, tongue, and nation gather in the new creation to live with God forever."
Part 2 - The Time Has Come
Fulfillment! - Mark 1:14-15
The Cross - John 19:30
Resurrection - Romans 1:3-4
Justification - Romans 3:21-26
Glory - Revelation 21:1-4
My Take Away:
This book is pretty short, only having 127 pages, but still manages to cover the story of the Bible pretty completely. Yes, it leaves out all the lineages, the parables and lots of other stories......BUT what it does do, is manages to pretty much in detail share the main theme of the Bible, that God created us, loves us, and provided a way of escape from death into life everlasting!
The author states in the preface of the book that his goal is not to gather as much information about the Bible and shove it all into one book. His goal was to trace a particular theme or overall storyline throughout the entire Bible, and that he does.
Although this book is not an end all for biblical theology, it is definitely a jumping off spot. This is a way for you to get your feet wet without feeling overwhelmed by dates and details. Hopefully this book will help you acquire a love for biblical study!

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