Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dancing Through It {Review & Giveaway}

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3 Girls, My Guy, and I would like to thank Family Christian bookstores for gifting us a copy of Dancing Through It in exchange for an honest review. Dancing Through It is a wonderful book that anyone can relate to.
From the start of the book you will be drawn in. It feels as if you are sitting with a dear friend discussing your life over a cup of coffee. Jenifer Ringer is so open and honest as she relays the events of her life as she becomes interested in ballet, and then successful in the art. I found myself full of emotions as I read this wonderfully written book.
Jenifer was very dedicated to her ballet. Aside from her studies, she spent the rest of her time learning ballet. I found her "never quit" spirit an inspiration as I read her story. I also found that I related to her struggle with her weight. She shares very openly about eating disorders and the strength of faith it takes to overcome something so daunting. I too struggled with an eating disorder as a teen, and found myself cringing as she mentions earlier in the book about the first time she remembers food making her happy.
Something else I related to was her relationship with God at such a young age. Her parents were very active in their church, and Jenifer was as well. Even though her family moved around a little bit, they always got involved in church immediately after moving. I love that! I know that led to her strong faith in God, despite the crazy events that happened in her life.
My parents were pastors and we moved around a bit, but I know that my relationship with God is what kept me strong in my faith no matter what came my way.
She also shares about how she met and fell in love with her husband. You will love the wedding dress story!
Although this book is all about her life as it related to ballet, you don't have to be a ballet enthusiast to love this book. I found reading Dancing Through It was like a breath of fresh air! The sweet honesty held within is refreshing. It was hard to put down!

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