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HomeSchool Office Review
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I was excited when I got the opportunity to review the HomeSchool Office, by Lord Heritage.
I don't know about you, but what I find the most challenging part of Homeschooling my kids is keeping track of everything. You have to track attendance, curriculum, fill out their planners, build lesson plans, etc. The task is daunting to say the least. Sometimes I have felt less than able to manage such a large task.
This is what I know, I know that I want to homeschool my kids, but I also want to make sure that what I am doing is best for them. I want to set them up for success, and have the documentation necessary when it comes time to build their highschool transcripts. That is where Lord Heritage, HomeSchool Office comes into play. This online homeschool tracking system is top notch! They have truly thought of everything. This is such a complete product, that an entire private school could benefit from it!
What I found when I logged into the HomeSchool Office, by Lord Heritage was a self-contained HomeSchool Office!  Just like it's name!  With this product you are able to build lesson plans, calendars, track product information, and much, much more.  You will never wonder what each child is working on again.
Once you load the lesson plans into the system, it will track everything for you.

I love that you can track grades for every child.  You can also track their progress, as well as  add the weight of each assignment so that grades are tallied accurately. So whether your child is a first grader or a freshman, you can keep track of their grades on each assignment all in one place. This is definitely a great HomeSchool Management system!

This homeschool management system helps track when assignments are complete as well.  You as the administrator will have a master schedule, but what your students see is their individual lesson plans without the clutter of the rest of their siblings lessons.

It is not difficult to navigate through loading all the information, and once you load info, it is easy enough to change if necessary. I only have 2 children that I am homeschooling and found the benefit, but some of my friends with four or more kids I believe this is a must have. You will have everything for each child right at your fingertips!

Another great feature you will find is the opportunity to build reports based on need. If you would like to pull an attendance report, it is as easy as one, two, three!  (So to speak!)
My bottom line?  Well, I have to say this is a great product! I found it a bit much to load everything into the system to get going with it, but after that was done, the product works for you. Isn't that what we really want. As a homeschool mom, I understand that products, especially good products will cost some money, but after that it should work for you.  This one does! This will be a benefit to your homeschool for as long as you use it!
Enjoy! Lord Heritage, HomeSchool Office!  You will love it!
 HomeSchool Office Review

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