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Ready to Teach: Greek Morphemes Lessons (It's NOT Greek to Me!) Review - TOS Crew

Ready to Teach Review
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I don't know about you, but I have witnessed the decline of vocabulary in the school age up through the "millennial" age bracket of our society. We have become a short-cut generation that texts with acronyms and improper grammar, instead of communicating with any use of true vocabulary. That is where Greek Morpheme's Lessons (It's NOT Greek to Me!) Expanding English Vocabulary with Greek Morpheme Analysis by Ready to Teach can help you prep your child and develop their vocabulary through your homeschool. In English, big words are often made up of these smaller word parts that come from other languages - especially Greek. It is believed that we have a lot of morpheme knowledge that is "asleep" in our brain and we just need to "wake it up."This course will take words and break them down in a manner that makes them not only easy to understand, but fun to use!

This program consists of twelve (12) lessons. Each lesson contains instruction on anywhere from 15 to 22 morphemes. Each lesson includes learning activities of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, as well as practice in using context clues as a reading strategy. My girls and I found this program refreshing! Instead of simply implementing memorization of the word and definition, this program uses small word parts that are used to build multiple words. By understanding the morphemes, you are able to not just sound out, but understand words quicker and easier!

So, what exactly is a morpheme?  I'm glad you asked!! Each of us use hundreds of morphemes every day! A morpheme is a part of a word that has meaning.

Take the word autograph for instance.
AUTO means self
GRAPH means write

So when you put the two morphemes together you get the word autograph! We can all understand what an autograph is because we can understand the smaller portions of the word. So imagine if you can learn the meaning of other morphemes that are used in larger words. Possibly words that you haven't heard before? You will be able to comprehend the meaning of the words because you understand the morphemes that make up the word!!!  How exciting!!

What I received in the mail:
To complete this course you will receive a student book, an instructor's manual, and a flash-drive that contained lessons in a PowerPoint format.
The Student Book:
Consists of workbook pages for each lesson

The Flash Drive:
This is an invaluable tool to the course!!!
Lessons - Each of the twelve (12) lessons are contained on the flash drive. There are multiple slides for each lesson, so it is important to move through them as slowly as necessary to retain the knowledge.
Review - Each of the twelve (12) lessons also has a review portion contained on the flash drive. This portion is there so you can test your retention for each lesson. I love this part. The review is a great way to make sure that you are ready to move on to the next lesson.
The Instructor's Manual:
The instructor's manual has several different resources for you as a homeschool parent.
Section 1 - Background, Introduction and Lesson Plan (As well as a bulletin board idea)
Section 2 - Greek Morphemes Lessons
Section 3 - Transparency Masters
Section 4 - Review and Answer Keys
Section 5 - Tests and Answer Keys

Putting it to Use:
My 13 year old used this program 3 times a week. She would sit down and go through the lesson herself on the flash drive and work through the workbook pages. She really enjoyed it! It was simple to use and easy for her to understand, she was also able to go at her own pace. If she didn't understand a portion of the lesson, she could simply replay that portion (LOVE THIS!) Since my daughter has struggled in the past with comprehension issues, I know that this was huge for her. The lessons are on PowerPoint so reviewing one portion of a lesson is as simple as 1-click! I saw my daughter that has always been hesitant to new things when it comes to learning, really open up and blossom while using this curriculum. She took the flash drive with her everywhere, just in case there was time to sit down and dive into another lesson!!  I would say that is success!!!
My bottom line:
I love it!  I am a lover of vocabulary anyway. In fact, I even have an app to help me learn new words everyday. The difference between that and this curriculum.......this curriculum takes the phrase "You can either feed a hungry man fish.....or you can teach him to fish" and applies it to your vocabulary. This will teach you an amazingly easy way to learn new words, and that is the kind of learning that stays with you for a lifetime. Isn't that the kind of learning that we all want for all our kids!
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