Thursday, April 9, 2015

What a Girl Needs From Her Mom - Review & Giveaway

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3 Girls, My Guy, and I would like to thank Family Christian bookstores for gifting us a copy of What a Girl Needs From Her Mom in exchange for an honest review. Please enter the giveaway at the bottom of this page for a chance to win your own copy!!
I remember the day I brought my first of three daughters home from the hospital. I was excited but oh so nervous about what it meant to be a mom. I didn't know if I would wake up when she cried, or if I would know what to do with her if I did wake up! ha ha! Then just when I would figure out what I was doing, God would bring another little beauty into our lives with a completely different personality, and we would begin anew!
Although each child is different, there are some things that remain the same, and that is what this book, What a Girl Needs From Her Mom is all about. We all have questions as moms like: How can I instill good values? How can I counter unhealthy body image stereotypes? How can we navigate through emotional ups and downs?  I had these questions and many, many more as I stared into the tiny eyes of each of my girls. Desiring that they would understand how much they are loved not just by me, but by the God who created them. I wanted them to be free to be themselves and not worry about what other people think. I wanted them to grow to be mentors to those around them.....and I remember all these desires bubbling through as tears as I held my precious bundles close to me, wondering if I had what it takes to be their mom! Knowing that I was hand selected to parent these precious ones was a weighty calling.....believe me ladies, parenting is a calling.
What I love about this book is the practicality of it. It touches on topics like:
Navigating the Tech World                                     Practicing Being Present
Keeping Girls Media-Safe                                       The Deluge of Technology
Connecting in the Midst of a Busy Career             New Trends to Watch For
Postpartum Depression                                          Counteracting Discouraging Words
Roadblocks to Communication                               Developing Confidence
Practicing Being Present                                        Friendship Issues
Learning Your Daughter's Love Language            Celebrating our Children
The Power of Encouragement                                Praying the Distance
A Foundation for Character                                    Mother Love
The list could go on and on. This book is full of wonderful tidbits of Godly wisdom from someone who "has been there, and done that." There are also discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Those can be used a couple different ways. You could discuss them with your daughter or granddaughter as you go through the book together, or you could easily use this book as a small group book study.
My Bottom Line:
I really enjoyed this book. This is not a book to sit down and try to gobble it all up in one day. This is definitely one to chew on. Feel free to take the ideas and suggestions within this book and find a way to apply them to your personalities and your family structure. You will enjoy the way that Cheri Fuller shares her wisdom, it's like finding little gems.
She is a gifted writer and knows how to quickly get to the heart of the matter.

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