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10 Things for Teen Girls

[A Family Christian Book Review]
I have to be honest and say that when I saw this book, 10 Things for Teen Girls, by Kate Conner I was so excited to get a chance to review it! You see, I am the mother of three girls who are 20, 16, and 13, and mothers of teen girls will tell you that they deal with a special set of issues. Girls are unique and beautiful, and quirky and bold and scared all at the same time, all the while .....dare I say it????....sometimes overly sensitive.

Although this book is not what I expected, it is full of wit and wisdom for girls.

"Modesty is about choosing clothes that intentionally communicate
what you want the world to know about you."
"Modesty allows people to see the rest of you -
the best of you."
"Drama is an idle preoccupation, a cheap version of that which you really want,
which is to live passionately on purpose."
"If you are starving for validation and simulation, you are a drama-risk." 

She talks about topics like, modesty, self-worth, self-image, social media pitfalls, drama, and much more! Although all these topics would be great for teen girls and should be discussed, I feel the voice of the book is written with a point of view that I wouldn't want my thirteen or even my sixteen year old daughter to read.  I feel that this book's target audience should be High School graduates and college students.

Chapter 1: Neon Purple Leggings (Page 4)
"Boys like breasts. As it turns out, they also like other various girl body parts including, but not limited to: stomachs, lips, hair, necks, thighs, calves, feet, hips, backs, shoulders, elbows, ear lobes, and pinky toes.
Boys aren't weird or obsessive, they're just smart. Girl's bodies are beautiful."
(Page 6)
"A man's desire to look at your body does not make him disrespectful; it makes him a man. It is just as unfair to say "Every man who gapes at women is a creep," as it is to say "Every woman who has big breasts is easy," or "Every woman who wears makeup is vain." It is categorically untrue."
(Page 19)
She goes on to say: "All attention is not equal...You thing you want attention, but you don't. You want respect."

In reading the book I understand the heart of the book. The desire is for teen girls to be content and happy in their own skin. To understand that God made them unique and special and wonderful and different from anyone else in their peer group......and that is OKAY! This book is written "over the head" of young teens with the voice of intentional alarmism. I say that to say, Kate Conner, seems to write in a manner to try to capture your attention by going against the grain and riding the line on acceptability. Although I don't feel this book suits younger teens, I do believe this book  would make a perfect gift for a girl on her way to college!

Special Features:

This book has a section at the end of each chapter entitled: Think It Through, Talk It Out.
There are questions here to talk about with your teen. I believe these are critical if you have gotten this book for your teen. I believe that the topics in this book are essential for your child to discuss with you as a parent and hear you as a parent speak Godly truth on. This book can be a starting point for you to discuss some otherwise hard topics to discuss.


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