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Here to Help Learning: Homeschool Writing Program Review ~ TOS Crew

Here to Help Learning Review
Here to Help Learning Review

My girls and I had the privilege to review Homeschool Writing Program from Here to Help Learning.  I have to admit that these classes were designed with fun in mind!! The author Beth Mora appears often in costume which adds a unique humor to the mix. But even when she isn't a flight attendant, or reporter, etc...she is full of life and spunk!  She grabbed my daughter's attention and kept it throughout the lesson with her humor and wit. As a homeschool mom, I really appreciated the manner in which these lessons were put together.
Here to Help Learning Review

This unique website does a great job of classifying the lessons in a way that makes sense.  They are split up into six different courses that are referred to throughout as (Flights). The six Flights are split up again....there are 3 Flights in the Paragraph Writing Course (which is recommended for students in grades 1-3), and 3 Flights in the Essay Writing Course (which is recommended for students in grades 4-6). My daughter is in the eighth grade and still benefited from this course!

In the first three Flights (Paragraph Writing) students will learn to write paragraphs and poetry. The following three Flights (Essay Writing) students will transition into writing more substantial pieces. This was especially great for my daughter! The grand finale, so to speak, is that the students will write a six-chapter book! As someone who loves to write, I found that this addition adds a unique and wonderful perspective for the student. Too often they write, essays and compositions simply for a grade, but writing something like a book truly shows them how to use the voice they have to convey thoughts and ideas!
Here to Help Learning Review
How we used this product:
My daughter has struggled in the past with reading comprehension, which caused her to be behind in most of her classes. This was the one big reason that my husband and I decided that the best thing for her would be homeschool. When I saw the opportunity to review this product, I thought it would be a perfect way to do some review and then do a little test to see how she was doing.
We began in the Essay Writing Course and she is working her way to the book. I noticed that this course has caused her to broaden her abilities and her writing skills are improving the further we work in the course. Even though she is older than 6th grade, this has been a confidence builder for her, and I am so happy that we were able to give it a try!
My bottom line:
How can you argue with a program that works? I found myself so thankful that we were able to be a part of this review. Seeing my daughter grow in her writing skills made me so happy. Then knowing that she has also grown in her confidence level was exciting! When you are confident as you approach education , it always overflows into other subjects. I know that the impact from this course will be seen throughout the rest of her education career.
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Here to Help Learning Review

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