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Progency Press: Tuck Everlasting Interactive Study Guide Review - TOS Crew

Progeny Press Review
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I have homeschooled my girls through many different grade levels and found challenges at each new grade level. As my girls got older, I found it difficult to find study guides that I didn't have to make myself. Now, those of you that have made your own study guides know that it takes a lot of time and effort to put it together. That is where Progeny Press has got your back!   
My daughter and I had the opportunity to review the Interactive Study Guide for Tuck Everlasting, by Progeny Press. How wonderful! I love that they have study guides for books that you don't have to build yourself!! And comes with an answer guide too! Both items are digital downloads and available almost instantly after purchase.
It has been difficult getting my daughter to read. So when she does read a book, I would like to be able to not just monitor her comprehension, but utilize it for part of her classwork. So finding Progeny Press and their library of Study Guides for Literature has been an amazing find for us. I also find it a blessing that they are written from a Christian perspective. I know that is very important for us and our homeschool.
Progeny Press Review

How We Used It:
We checked the book, "Tuck Everlasting" out at the library. Then we were able to work through the book on our own schedule and then we could stop and work through the Tuck Everlasting Interactive Study Guide.
The study guide helps your child with vocabulary, recognizing parts of the story, parts of speech, comprehension, understanding foreshadowing, and much, much more. Personally, I liked the sections of the study guide where it takes a paragraph from the story and has it in the guide with blanks and your student is supposed to find that paragraph and fill in the blanks. It worked well with my daughter because it is a different way to aid with comprehension. I think with her learning needs, this was just the way to solidify the concepts of the story with her.

My favorite part of this guide from the perspective of a Christian mom who is trying to do my best to raise my girls to follow Christ, is that this guide stops and has your student look up scriptures. For instance: What do the following passages say about obedience? Then they list out four scriptures for your student to look up. This helps reinforce the right behavior even if the main character in the book is not really making good choices at that particular time.

My Bottom Line:

I really enjoyed the opportunity to review this item. I had been doing all the hard work trying to build my own study guides......which is horribly hard!  When you are building your own study guide, it means that you are studying the book yourself first and then you can put together the study guide and answer is time consuming! Which I guess wouldn't be too bad if it was just one book, or easy to read books, but when your children get into Middle School and High School the complexity of the books increases and so does the complexity of the items that you need to add to a study guide.

I LOVE THESE STUDY GUIDES! I have to say it is a lot like when you go out to eat and you order something you could have made, but somehow it tastes better because you didn't have to cook's like that! Wonderful because you didn't have to make it!

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Progeny Press Review

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