Friday, October 16, 2015 Faith of Our Fathers Review ~ TOS Crew Review no 2
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Although there are times my children may not agree with this statement, I believe myself to be a pretty normal parent. [Ha Ha!] You guys know what I mean, your kids may think you're a little crazy sometimes too!! I mean, we all try to do our best to make sure that our kids eat the right things, sleep the right amount, take time to play, and watch things that are appropriate. All of these things seem to be getting harder, and harder to accomplish for us as parents. We live in a society where moral high roads are deemed intolerant, and instant gratification is the norm. That only makes it even more difficult to teach the need for a strong relationship with Christ to our children.  The need for us as parents to monitor everything that our children consume even more diligently has arrived.  Children/Families are consuming more TV, video games, social media, etc. than ever before.......and not all of it is good for us! That is why I am glad to have found  My girls and I reviewed the movie Faith of Our Fathers which is available on the website.

I became acquainted with this company several years ago, but this may be the first time some of you have heard the name of this company. is a one stop shop for Christian movies and entertainment, but also Christian books, Bibles, apparel and so much more. I love browsing through their inventory online and putting together my list of "must haves." I am sure this website will quickly become a favorite in your household.

Faith of Our Fathers

Something you might want to put on your list of "must haves" would be the DVD, Faith of Our Fathers. This movie is amazing! I do tend to have a soft spot for Vietnam stories.  This one has a beautiful twist to it that shows the live that can be changed when you live your life with eternity on your mind. Eternity minded people can be in the middle of a battle and still take time to share the power of God's forgiveness with those around them! Like a lot of you, I too know someone who served in the military during that war. War is a hard story to tell, but the story told in this DVD is full of faith, hope and love. It also includes a little bit of Si Robertson, which is always fun!  To watch the movie trailer click here. Review no 2
How I Used This Product:

I watched this movie with my girls. They are middle school age and older and we all loved the movie! What we found the most touching was the powerful message of the love and forgiveness of Christ that flows through the entire movie!
My Bottom Line:

Where I live the weather is getting cooler. A stark reminder that all too soon Christmas will be here, and I am not done with my shopping yet!! For all of you that are in the same boat as me, check out You will no doubt, find something for everyone on your list. Just make sure that at the top of the list is the movie, Faith of Our Fathers. If you are anything like me, you might find yourself watching this through tears at times, but the message of faith, hope and love is timeless.    

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