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Brookdale House: Middle School Grammar Workbook Set Review ~ TOS Crew

 Brookdale House Review

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Do you have a student in Middle School yet? Maybe you have one that will be in Middle School one day. If so, this blog is for you! If you are like me, the closer your kids get to High School, the more pressure you put on yourself when it comes to the selection of curriculum. It isn't always easy locating and trying out new resources. That is one reason I love The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. They have a whole library of blog reviews for you to read through and see what fits your needs. I recently had the opportunity to review The Grammar Workbook Set by Brookdale House, and what a great resource this is!! The set includes not only the Grammar Workbook to work through, but we also received the answer key....BONUS!

The Product:

What do you get when you purchase The Grammar Workbook Set? You get middle school grammar.....everything from sentences, parts of speech and verb tenses to clauses, gerunds and punctuation. The workbook is very well done with learning as the goal. With each new section, there are several different exercises that your student can complete that will help to teach them whatever the topic of the day is.

 At the beginning of the workbook there is an introduction that talks about the way the workbook is broken down. It is divided into four sections. The first section is all about sentences, which helps your student build the framework necessary for the study of grammar. The second section covers the parts of speech. The third section covers phrases and clauses and how these work inside of sentences. The fourth section is all about punctuation.
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Also included in this workbook are writing exercises to build your student's writing capabilities. The first type of writing exercise included is copying of a model. This method is to teach them a specific writing style. As they work through the copy work, you will see their writing improve little by little. The second type of writing exercise included is dictation. There are short instructions that will help you utilize it in a manner that will be best for your student.

I also like how the Introduction gives you instructions on how to incorporate sentence diagramming as well. When I was in school, that was actually my favorite part of grammar. Come to find out, my daughter is not as big of a fan as I was of diagramming, but we have given it our best shot through this study!  ha ha ha!

If you don't already have a distinct schedule in place for your student, don't worry.....there is an optional schedule included in the front of The Grammar Workbook. Take a look at it and see if you think that schedule will work for you. It seems that Brookdale House really thought of everything when it comes to The Grammar Workbook Set.

How We Used It:

Lucky for us, this review came right about the time we were starting school for the year. So we just plugged it right into our planner and dove right in. I had my daughter work in the workbook three times a week and that seemed to work out nicely for us. I can tell that she is learning a lot, the workbook pages are great for her. They mix up the worksheets so that you are not doing the same things over and over again. So my daughter never seemed to get bored with the "class work."

My Bottom Line:

We absolutely loved The Grammar Workbook Set by Brookdale House. Grammar isn't always the most fun subject, but the structure and exercises included within this workbook are such a huge help to get your student going and keep them going!

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 Brookdale House Review

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