Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Would a Worm Go on a Walk? A FlyByBook Review

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There are a lot of kid's books on the market today, but nothing that compares to this book. Would a Worm Go on a Walk is such a sweet book. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to review this amazing book. From first glance at the cover, this humorous and creative picture book is fresh and energetic! I spent time reading this to a sweet "little" that I know and she absolutely loved it!! I think her favorite part about the book would be the silly questions the book asks about each animal, while discussing their unique and wonderful strengths! 

The author, Hannah C. Hall has also written best-selling children's books, including: God Bless You and Good Night and God Bless our Christmas, as well as an award-winning blog, HannahCHall.com. When it comes to Worm on a Walk, I have to say that she absolutely outdone herself with this one. Not only is it sweet, but it rhymes which is always a favorite for me when picking a children's book. The illustrations by Bill Bolton are sweet, and perfectly fit the story!

Quote: "Would a rhino wear a raincoat if his sister said he should? Would he carry an umbrella if the forecast wasn't good? ...No! Rain doesn't bother him. Rhinos don't need rain gear. Their slickers are built in." 

This 32 page hardcover, jacketed book is adorable from start to finish. You will find yourself chuckling and smiling throughout the entire thing. What I found to be special about this well-written masterpiece is how Hannah C. Hall does a great job of helping children see how they were created special and unique...with the closing line..."The animals were just a start. God's masterpiece is you!"

This would be a great addition to any home library and a wonderful gift idea for the "littles" in your life. Click here to purchase your own copy.

My bottom line...I have read a lot of children's books in my day. Some of them you hope against hope that your kids don't want to hear again...or you skip pages. Come on....you know what I'm talking about!! This book is one that you will enjoying reading to your children or grandchildren! I have no doubt about that!!

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