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Grapevine Studies: Birth of Jesus Beginner/and Traceable Review ~ TOS Crew

Grapevine Studies Review
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Recently, I was able to review Birth of Jesus:Beginner by Grapevine Studies. With The Christmas season coming quickly, the timing couldn't be any better. If you look around the stores in our country, it doesn't take long to see that the focus is no longer on our Savior, but tends to be on toys, Santa, and decorations. If we aren't careful, the worldview of those around us can infiltrate our families and become the worldview of our children.
It is the mission of Grapevine Studies to introduce the gospel to children in a way that will build a foundation for the rest of their life to be built upon. As children build Bible Study skills at an early age, it will transform them for a lifetime. Grapevine Studies offers Bible Study materials for children ages 5-14. They offer multiple mediums of learning for those who learn in different ways. Your child will listen to stories being told, then draw what they heard and finally you can review it with them by asking questions. All three work together to teach your child in a way that will stick with them! That is the way that we as parents can help our children build a correct worldview based on the Bible!!

Grapevine Studies Review
The Birth of Jesus – Beginner study features 7 weekly or 14 daily lessons. There are several books that you will need for this study, and each book is sold separately.  First, you will need the 26-page Teacher Book with lesson notes, memory verses, review questions, and key points. You will also need the 30-page Student Book consisting of lessons pages, timelines, maps, memory verses, and reviews, and a Traceable book that includes pre-drawn stick figures for your child trace and color. These tools all work together to open up the bible to your kiddo in a way that engages their heart and their mind! Please note that each book is sold separately.
How We Used This Product:
Although my girls are a little older, I used this product with my friend's little girl, which is almost 3, that I babysit. What a blast to watch the Bible come alive in her eyes! We used traceable pages which worked the best for her. Drawing is a little harder at that age, so the traceables were PERFECT!!
Grapevine Studies ReviewMy Bottom Line:

I absolutely love the concept of Grapevine Studies and the way they bring Bible study to live for children. My sweet "L" loves to draw and color, and found the traceable pages funny. I liked the ease of the lessons!   It is SUPER simple!!  I also love the simplicity of Birth of Jesus study for Beginners. It worked great for my sweet "L" and I hope to find a few other products that I can use with her. For that matter, I will be using Grapevine Studies for my older children as well. Anything that makes Bible Study come to life is a bonus in my book!

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Grapevine Studies Review

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