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YWAM Publishing: Heroes of History (Orville Wright) Review - TOS Crew

YWAM Publishing Review
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YWAM Publishing Review

 My daughter and I had the wonderful opportunity to review the book Orville Wright in the Heroes of History series by YWAM Publishing. There is also a Unit Study Curriculum Guide that we were able to work our way through as we studied the book.

I have found a lot of unique and interesting challenges along the way as I walked out my decision to homeschool. Probably the most chronic challenge was (is) time management. But I would have to say that the one that has kept me up at night, is curriculum choice.  You see we all want to make the best decisions for our kids and help them as much as we can, but the bottom line is this: You don't know what you don't know. Before finding this wonderful book and having the opportunity to walk through it systematically; Orville Wright was a couple of paragraphs in a Social Studies or History Book. That doesn't give our kids the full grasp of the story at all. So finding, and having the opportunity to review this wonderful product has been a true blessing to our homeschool.

YWAM Publishing did a magnificent job of bringing history to life. These books are an opportunity to really take some time and dig into the background of some of most famous and talked about people from history, and begin to understand fully their contribution to our country and our world! Isn't that really what we all want for our kiddos? You see, my choice to homeschool was because I believed my kids could receive a better, well-rounded, more comprehensive education if I schooled them at home, and homeschool curriculum choice is one of the biggest factors. Especially when you are faced with differences in learning methods. .......listen.....I wasn't kidding when I said that sometimes it kept me up at night.....and I believe that is the same for some of you reading this blog. So finding a gem like Heroes of History from YWAM Publishing is an answer to prayer.

My daughter is not a huge reader, but definitely becoming more interested. So I am so glad for the Unit Study Curriculum Guide that we were able to stop and work through. This guide is able to measure your comprehension and it was just the break she needed before diving back into the material.

How We Used It:

This year I took our schedule and changed it up a little bit. With me going back to work this year, I wanted to make their schedule work for us as a family. So, I scheduled accordingly. I made sure that their class load was easiest when I would be home so we could go over more difficult things, or things that might need more assistance from me. That is when I scheduled my daughter to work on her Heroes of History - Orville Wright material. I love the light in her eyes when she is loving to learn. School has not always been that way for her, so when it is......I rejoice!!! When I asked my daughter what she thought of the book she said, "I love the fact that they know so much about his childhood. I mean, I get excited to open up my book and learn more about him!" That says it all right there. That is how we all want our kids to feel about learning!

My Bottom Line:

To be honest, we enjoyed this curriculum very much! We did not use this to replace our usual Social Studies/History material, but instead added it in as an extra and we are so glad we did! Heroes of History - Orville Wright is a wonderful compliment curriculum and made me realize that we need all of them. The YWAM Publishing website has so much to offer and with how much we enjoyed Orville Wright, I can't wait to get my hands on some of their other resources! Many thanks go out to YWAM Publishing for producing fantastic, top notch material that my child enjoys learning from. That is HUGE when it comes to homeschooling!
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  YWAM Publishing Review

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