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Stinky Kid Math Review - TOS Crew

Stinky Kid Math Review
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I had the opportunity to review Stinky Kid Math. This website is a great resource when it comes to all things Algebra and Geometry. The goal of Stinky Kid Math is to take people who might struggle some in math, and give them the confidence and excitement that comes from consistent comprehension.  
What is Stinky Kid Math?
Stinky Kid Math is a website full of math resources that can take you chronologically through Foundational Math through Algebra and Geometry. As a Stinky Kid Math Member, you will have unlimited access to video lessons, math games, book and worksheet practice in addition to all other site resources. You are able to watch streamed online videos at your convenience. You may have a student like mine that benefits from hard copies of books or worksheets. That is fine too. There are printable worksheets available that will allow your student to practice the concepts from the lesson.
One of my favorite parts is the online games. Now, I am not just saying that because of my secret love of are awesome because online games strengthen skills when they are busy having fun!  I LOVE THAT!!  You know as well as I do that kids can get caught up in a game for hours. Usually that is not good, but get them started into one of the online games from Stinky Kid Math, and the hour they spend learning math skills serve an amazing purpose! What could be better?
How We Used It 
My eighth grader is currently working through Pre-Algebra. We found the lessons/videos very helpful. We utilized this resource as an online math tutor of sorts. When she found herself struggling, we were able to pull up the corresponding lessons so we could work through some extra practice to bring some clarity to the concept.
Isn't that the best part of homeschooling? When you can utilize multiple different resources to help your child understand a concept they may be struggling with, or may not completely understand. I find that to be one of the wonderful blessings my children are able to experience as homeschooled students.
My Bottom Line
I found this website to be very beneficial to my daughter in her quest to understand Pre-Algebra. If your student needs math help in the form of Algebra or Geometry tutoring, this site can be very helpful to your student and your homeschool. The video lessons on the site grab your attention from the start and work through math concepts in a logical way, thus helping your child grasp whatever concept they may be working on. It doesn't matter if your child is struggling with something as simple as fractions, decimals or percent; or if they are working on something as advanced as quadratics, polynomials, roots or parabolas.....this website can help your student master it!! 
That makes this website a winner in my book!
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Stinky Kid Math Review

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