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SmartKidz Media: SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers Review - TOS Crew

SmartKidz Media Review
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Homeschooling is a unique and wonderful adventure! As homeschool parents, we have the honor and privilege of choosing curriculum that suits the needs of our own children! I love that!  I have three girls and none of them learn things the same way. That makes things a little tricky. When learning styles vary, you need an assortment of things at your fingertips to help your children learn and grow. So what I have found helpful is looking for some sort of media that will drive a concept home, or share information in a different way. Media can do things that workbooks can't. It engages your children's minds in a much different way, and can stimulate their ability to remember things.
That is why the opportunity to review SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers, by SmartKidz Media was so wonderful! There is something for everyone contained on this site, and there are so many different ways that you can utilize what is contained there! You can watch the videos for entertainment, you can utilize the study guides and do unit studies, you can add the media into your current studies as a bonus......the uses are numerous.
We live in a society where people are constantly overstimulated with media that is not useful or helpful for their education. Children sit for hours and watch cartoons or movies and none of that is something that adds to their educational learning or development. This resource is designed as a tool for you to use as you see fit. SmartKidz Media is awesome! It is learning at your fingertips!  What could be better than that! I love that you can log onto it using whichever media device you like. That way it is always mobile and can help with long car rides, or waits at the car dealership....... whatever you need to do, you can take it along with you and access through wifi!
When you log into your account these categories pop up so you can decide what you would like to view. Once you click on each category you will be able to see the options available to you to view.
My daughters and I loved several of the sections and used them more often than the rest. Those would be the World of Discovery, Music & Fine Arts and the Mighty Ebook Collection. I also spend some time with my niece weekly. She loved the My Animal Family section the most. Mostly, we spent time utilizing this website for entertainment. But as a homeschool mom, I am a little tricky. I always make mental notes about how to utilize information to fit into my curriculum.
My Bottom Line:
I really enjoyed reviewing this product. It was super fun and easy to use. The content is so large that your kids will love going through all of the options. It is a wonderful resource and very multifunctional. Just see for yourself. Go to SmartKidz Media and try a free trial. You will quickly see the benefits that this resource brings to your child and your homeschool!
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SmartKidz Media Review

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