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JazzEdge: PianoWithWillie Review - TOS Crew

JazzEdge  Review
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I had the privilege to review an amazing product from JazzEdge called PianowithWillie. When receiving the online sign in information, I had one of my children in mind for this product, but they all loved it and were able to use it.

PianowithWillie is amazing. What you get when you receive a membership is easy to understand online piano lessons. Willie takes you step by step, making sure that he doesn't overwhelm you as you teach yourself to play the piano. Without a doubt, it is the best way to learn to play piano!!

You are able to take it at your own pace, and learn at a speed that suits you. If you have to see something again, you can start the video over. Please take a moment and play the video I have included below. You will see how amazing these video lessons are, and how easy it is to follow Willie's instructions.

JazzEdge  Review
 How I used the product:
My girls had been asking for piano lessons, so when I saw this I jumped at the chance to give it a shot. We are busy people, but that seems to be true for everyone. We were able to utilize this daily so that each of the girls took turns logging in and going through the lessons individually. They found the instruction easy to understand and paced perfectly.
JazzEdge  ReviewThen based on how they did with that lesson, they would either move to the next or wait until the next day to do so. I heard piano at all hours of the day, as they were able to get to it. I even tried my hand at some of the lessons, and had a blast. Willie is interactive and fun, and the way that he stages the lessons, makes it easy to understand what you are supposed to do.....and how to place your hands. I k now that's a biggie!!
All of us had some piano under our belts, but not tons! Even with us not being the best at anything by Chopsticks, we were able to pick it up easily and have fun doing it!
My Bottom Line:
If you are looking for a simple, convenient, and straightforward way to do piano lessons for your family.....you have found it!!  I found this product not only appealing because of the convenience factor, but everyone loved it! Willie is anything but boring, and he does a great job of helping you move through the lessons and gain not only knowledge, but confidence! I give it two (2) thumbs up, but wholeheartedly wish that I had more than two (2) thumbs. If I did, I would use them now!! 
I believe that anyone who purchases a membership to JazzEdge wanting to utilize PianowithWillie with be pleasantly surprised.
I know that JazzEdge has other offerings as well. The excellence they put into their products makes me positive that whatever it is that you might be interested in from JazzEdge, you will enjoy!
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JazzEdge Review

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