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CTCMath: 12 Month Family Plan Review - TOS Crew

CTCMath Review
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Some of you may struggle with the same condition that I have......Math Aversion!  {ha ha} I have to really pick my children's math curriculum carefully, because I need something that can do what I cannot.....explain math! 
I have an exciting review to share with you today! I had the privilege to review the 12 Month Family Plan from CTCMath with my two girls. I have a soon to be 8th grader and a soon to be Junior in High School, and this was my first year homeschooling. Finding a Math curriculum that fits the needs of one child can sometimes be a daunting task, let alone multiple children.....but what I found was that the 12 Month Family Plan is perfect for us! This way each of my girls can get the math they need in an easy to understand format.
What is the 12 Month Family Plan?
AMAZING!!  This online math program allows you the flexibility to register each of your children no matter what grade they are in, (up to 10 students) and each one can log in and work at their own grade level. The range is Kindergarten through High School and tackles even the harder subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Statistics.
Each grade level is broken down into streams and each stream is broken down into topics. Inside each topic section are lessons that touch on every aspect of the topic. My soon to be 8th grader has been working on Pre-Algebra. When she logs in, the screen looks like this, and allows her the opportunity to pick which stream and topic she would like to work on.

When she picks the first stream and then Basics and Whole Numbers, this is what the screen looks like.

You can see that she has worked her way through the entire topic earning a silver medal certificate! Each numbered lesson has a short video teaching session to watch before they are required to complete the worksheet. The lessons are several minutes long and can be paused if necessary as your child is working through the sample problems in the lesson.

How we used this product:
This product was used by my daughter that was finishing up the 7th grade. She would log on daily and work through some of the lessons. We both found it to be extremely helpful and beneficial to her overall understanding of the concepts in each stream.
She also mentioned that she liked the voice of the instructor. She has found the voices of the instructors of other online courses either hard to understand or slightly grating....but was pleasantly surprised when this instructor started to talk.  :-)     (It's the little things!)
She worked through each lesson and completed the worksheet online, but there is an option to print the worksheets if that is how your student learns best.
My bottom line here:
This product is not only spectacular from a learning aspect, but spectacular from a budgetary aspect. I love everything about it! One very neat little tidbit is that you will receive an email with a summary of how your student is doing. It will show what they worked on throughout the week, and how they did on each section. It is a great way to keep track of their progress, and circle back around with them on the job they did through the week.
The 12 Month Family Plan for US Curriculum is the way to go! Whether you have one child, or 10 children, this product from CTCMath is a staple you need! You know you have a winner when your child that generally dislikes math requests to use this product throughout the summer months when you are usually off of school. This is a winner!

CTCmath Review

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