Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Where Do You Put Your Trust

Have you ever been through some things that shook you? Of course...we all have. We all come up against things in our lives that knock our legs out from under us and take our breath away.

I remember as a young mom hitting a time when things were more than I could handle. We had recently moved more than 6 hours away from any family. My husband was working and going to college. My daughter wasn't one year old yet and I am leaving her with strangers so I can work and earn just enough to pay for the childcare....Then to add insult to injury things started going wrong. I know some of you know exactly what I mean!

We started having car problems, health problems, financial problems, communication problems; which lead to marrital became complicated. My daughter started started getting sick and running fevers of 105 every time she went off of antibiotics...and I found myself overwhelmed and feeling all alone. It was in that moment that I had to ask myself where I truly put my trust.

Sometimes when things get "out of control" we need to relinquish our control and remember this verse.
No matter what we face we can put our trust in the Lord and say, "You are MY God!"

I am so thankful that we are never alone! Our God never leaves us to handle things on our own. We have a great God that cares about our every need!

So no matter what you face, put your hope and trust in the Lord....He is our God!

Thanks for reading!

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