Monday, August 10, 2015

Quiet Time with God

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Have you noticed that with the growth of social media, there is an ever growing number of people that can't seem to do anything without an audience?

You have one group that HAS to be in a coffee shop or they can't get anything done. There they are smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a never-ending flow of audience members. This group of people arm themselves with free wifi and a coffee and dive into whatever schoolwork or writing project they have going.

Then there is that group of people that have to run everything through social media....whether it is their outfit selection or their boyfriend selection, you will see it first on social media ......and occassionally you may even get the opportunity to vote on it!
We don't want to do that to our relationship with God. If we aren't careful, spending quiet time with God can become something not practiced and can fall by the wayside. Worse yet, we could turn our spiritual life into a spectacle just for show. God's Word is very clear with how he feels about that.
Our time with God should be a time of reflection, as well as, sincere and heartfelt communication with God.
He is the One that never leaves us, and is there when social media is off and the computer is shut down. He is the One that knows even the intentions of our hearts.

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