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Classical Conversations Review

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It seems like yesterday I was bringing a little bundle home from the hospital. She was beautiful, tiny, and a little fussy. This was my second little one, so things seemed complicated overnight! Fast forward sixteen years and I have found myself all of a sudden smack dab in the middle of getting this bundle through High School!!  How did that happen? Time has a way of marching on no matter how we feel about it, and even though I didn't expect to be homeschooling a High I am.
That is why I am so excited to have had the opportunity to review The Conversation for Classical Conversations written by Leigh A Bortins. Leigh writes from the heart as she encourages parents to homeschool even through the "scariest" of them-----High School!
As you read this well written book you will learn exactly how to converse with your child using what she calls the five cannons of rhetoric: invention, arrangement, elocution, memory, and delivery. I know it seems difficult to comprehend how rhetoric could possibly apply to mathematics, but Leigh is able to show you in a simple way how you can teach a variety of classes successfully all while using the five canons of rhetoric. She weaves examples from her own experiences into the book and as you read them you find yourself refreshed and encouraged!  She helps you see that you can not only educate your child through high school, but you can make it through with sanity and emotions intact. This book will inspire you no matter where you find yourself.
You may be a person that is just beginning to play with the idea of homeschooling, I want to tell you that this book is written just for you!  You may be a person that has been homeschooling for awhile, but you think you don't want to homeschool through High School because you think it will be too hard, this book is written just for you!  You may be a person who is homeschooling a High Schooler, and you think it is too hard and you are becoming discouraged with the whole process, this book is written just for you!

Classical Conversations Review

Leigh does such a great job of balancing the inspirational with the practical. She has charts at the end of each chapter summarizing how the five canons of rhetoric would apply to that subject. As you read this book, you can tell how much she has enjoyed her time homeschooling, and that joy is contagious! If I had not already made the decision to educate my children at home, I would do so after reading it! It was such a pleasure reviewing this book!

My Bottom Line:

This is a wonderful, well-written book of practicality! You will love every page, and will find yourself excited as you read it! This is a must have for every person that is even the slightest bit interested in homeschooling, no matter what age or stage your family is in!

I know you will enjoy it!  Happy reading!!

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Classical Conversations Review

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