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Real Life Press: The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Romance Review - TOS Crew

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"God says marriage is the primary relationship in the home, so naturally, it's the first relationship the enemy will try to tear down."  I was excited to receive a copy of the e-pub version "The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Romance" by Real Life Press to review!  This easy to read book written by Heidi St. John is full of expert Biblical advice on how to nurture your marriage.
Too often, we women, define ourselves by the roles we play in life. As a homeschool mom, we can get all caught up in homeschooling, and forget to make room for anything else in our lives including our spouses and any bit of romance that might come with it! When that happens we can find ourselves coexisting more as roommates than husband and wife. Even though we each have a different role to play, we must stay connected! We must realize that our children also need the education of a healthy marriage, and we are the ones that should show it to them!
Heidi has been married to her husband since 1989, and has since made the decision to homeschool all their children. She shares openly and honestly about the pitfalls we can find ourselves in as we are trying to find our way on this journey we call life! She makes no bones about the fact that we must be relying on God for everything we need. A strong and healthy relationship with God will give us the wisdom and strength we need as we walk out the calling to be a homeschool mom! Heidi St. John does an excellent job of getting back to the basics with this book. You see, "our relationship with Christ is foundational to our very being. It is what sustains us." That is what this book is all about! 
She touches on five (5) steps to help nurture your relationship with your husband.
1.  Prefer your husband in all things - Make time for each other. Plan times to be together and always take phone calls from him, even if you can't take any other calls.
2. Communicate respect to your husband - You should highly regard your husband. The way that we behave from day to day with our husbands says a lot about our love for them.
3. Make time - Our calendars reflect our priorities. She mentions how important it is to pick curriculum with them in mind. If we pick a curriculum that is mentally exhausting, that will impact the time we spend with them in the evenings.
4. Be "That Girl" - Be the girl your husband married! As life happens, we sometimes lose sight of the spontaneous, funny, witty girl we once were when our husband fell in love with us. Even though we are busy, he still needs us to be that girl!
5. Revisit your romance - Don't get so busy that you don't do sweet things to get your husband's attention. If you used to put sticky notes in his briefcase, or get up and make that again! He will love it!
It is so important to have a vision for bringing romance back into your marriage. If you don't have one, ask the Lord to help, and He will! 
My Bottom Line:
I really enjoyed reading this book. Heidi St. John did a great job of writing like she was sitting across the table from me drinking coffee and sharing about her life. Once you get the book, you will want to read it several times to let the points sink in. I also enjoyed that she didn't give a lot of steps to success. Her goal was not to duplicate her method.  Her goal was to share what worked for her and to encourage us to seek the face of God so he can help our family be successful.
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