Monday, August 18, 2014

Are You Comfortable?

So, I have finally become "one of those people!" I got up and ready for the day, knowing I had a lot to do. Dressed in cute capris, a simple yet stylish blouse, and my sequin leopard slippers, I decided to get some cleaning done on my house and run a few errands. I knew we would be pushing it to get everything done that needed to be done, but my girls and I were on a mission. We made quick work of the upstairs and we decided to run a few errands that needed to get done before lunch. That is when things went awry!

I grabbed my grocery list and my packages that needed to be mailed and headed out. I must say that I am very thankful that my first stop was the Post Office. It was there that I made the discovery that I was not wearing any shoes......I still had my slippers on! I have to tell you I was mortified!  I had to stand on my tippey toes to do what I needed to do at the front counter and when my heels slid out of the furry center of my slippers....I gasped. The mail lady asked if I was okay and I responded...."! I came here in slippers! I never leave the house in slippers!" She chuckled at me as I am now fumbling around like I have just committed the worst crime imaginable. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people that always has to be dressed up to leave the house, but I am one of those people that requires herself to at least be in SHOES!
These are my OH SO COMFY slippers!
You see I was so comfortable and so busy that I didn't even realize that I was not ready to face the world. I was so caught up in what I was doing that I didn't pay close enough attention to what I was wearing.

Our pastor, Pastor Bell from Lifeway Church Indy, has been preaching a sermon series on the Armor of God and I have found myself challenged to say the least. How many times have you been caught on the battleground with your slippers on instead of your combat boots? You start going about your day, your week, your month coasting along fine. You get relaxed and stop suiting up for this battle that we are in.....that is when a blow comes out of nowhere and knocks you to the ground. If only we were prepared! If only we had been vigilant! We could have been successful......"IF ONLY!"

I have heard people say, "God will never give you something you can't handle." To them I say hogwash! Being found on the battlefield unprepared is not God's fault! God isn't in heaven seeing how He can trip us up....He has given us everything we need to face this battle and come out victorious. He gave us His Word to instruct us. He has given us the body of Christ to encourage us. He has given us our pastor to equip us. Plus, bonus of all bonuses, He has already defeated our attacker!  Yes, you heard me correctly we are in a fixed fight! All we are required to do is obey His Word!

Come on people! This is something to SHOUT about!

In my Sunday School lesson we were talking about faithfulness.  Faithfulness is more than showing up. I don't call my fence faithful because it surrounds my yard.  That is unless it has weathered horrific storms and never faltered. That is when I see that fence from a different perspective.

We are called to be faithful servants of our God. That means we will face some things. Know my friend that he has provided the armor for us to wear if we would just put it on. We are called to be purposefully persistent, always moving forward and advancing the Kingdom of God. This is our calling as true Christians.

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