Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How Do You Invest?

I used to think my parents were crazy. . .they used to say things that I thought were just crazy as a kids. "Where has the time gone?" "You are growing up so fast!" "Just yesterday you were four!" "This week has flown by!" or my all time favorite!!!! "What year is it?" LOL! As a child/teen/young adult listening to them, I thought that is one of the weirdest things I have heard!! I mean, I am 17. . .yesterday I was 17. . .tomorrow I will still be 17. . .this year is taking forever. . .and by the way it is still 1987!!!! How many of you had parents as crazy as mine?!

Well. . .the joke is on me because now I am that crazy parent. I say the same things my parents did. If you aren't careful time can slip away from you and leave you with only what you invested to show for it! Okay, I have to share some of my crazy talk and let my parents off the hook. . .well, maybe just one because my girls tease me for this over and over. My daughter that is 15 is my youngest. I get teased because even when she was 11 I wouldn't let her go to the restroom without one of her sisters. She would get up to use the restroom and then when she wasn't within earshot anymore I would make the "go with her" head motion and say, "Go check on the baby."  Come on. . .don't give me a hard time. . .some of you have done the same thing!!! LOL!

The other day we decided to go out on a girls' night and we had a blast! We spent time talking, laughing, shopping and of course eating! We spent time investing in each other! You see relationships aren't magical. They don't just happen because you wish them to. Relationships happen when you invest.

This applies to our relationship with Jesus Christ as well. Sometimes we think because we said a prayer and repented of our sins, that should be enough. Let me assure you that it isn't! Our relationship with our Savior also needs nurturing. We need to spend time with Him. Allow Him into our day. Talk to Him, and tell Him about what is happening in your life. Even though we all understand that He knows already. . .He longs to hear our voice and be welcomed into our day and situation. Our relationship with Him is the most important investment we could possibly make!

So just as you invest in the relationships with your co-workers, your family, your friends, the checkers at the store and the tellers at your bank. . .you should be investing in the most important relationship you have - your relationship with the God of all! 

Have a wonderful day!

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