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Unlock Math Review

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UnLock Math has done an amazing job of providing an interactive, attention grabbing, 7th grade math curriculum called UnLock Pre-Algebra.  I was provided access to UnLock Pre-Algebra to review. I utilized my access for my daughter that just finished up the seventh grade. I found that it was a perfect way to ensure that she had a grasp on each concept.

This website is well thought out, and I found it easy to navigate through. What is even better, so did my daughter. That is always half of the battle!! When you are looking for online math curriculum, the ease of navigation is so very important!! If it is too frustrating to figure out, then your student will not want to continue using it!  Well, at least mine don't.

Now, even though ease of navigation is important to my kids, I look for something else when it comes to online homeschool math curriculum. Since my kiddos are at an age where they do a lot of their work on their own, my ability to track their progress can get tricky. Thankfully, UnLock Math has taken care of that little problem. They have made sure that with your parent login, you are able to track everything your student does as they work their way through the course.

Take a look at the dashboard. This is the screen that your student will see when they log in. You can see that it is easy for your student to pick and choose what concept they are ready to work on. It also tracks your student's progress as they work through each unit!

Unlock Math Review

How We Used It:

I put my 13 year old to work going through each unit. Even though we had finished our school year already, we found that working in UnLock Pre-Algebra helped us make sure that she completely understood each concept. She logged in several times a week and found the extra work beneficial. As you can see in the picture below, your student has the option to work on some extra practice in an effort to comprehend each concept better.

Unlock Math Review
My Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a math product that your student will love......then UnLock Math is for you. We found the website interactive and easy to navigate, and the video lessons are short enough to keep your student's attention, but long enough to teach them the new concept that they will be working on. One of my favorite things about this program is that it follows logical steps of building one concept upon another in a natural progression of learning. This is so different from what you will see in a brick and mortar school, and also much different from a lot of homeschool math curriculum. Instead of my daughter fighting to understand the progression of learning, she was able to learn individual concepts one at a time and then progress as she was ready!

I feel that this online math curriculum will be a benefit to any homeschool. My daughter has always had a bit of math anxiety, but with UnLock Pre-Algebra that was done away with.You know you have found the right program when your child wants to work on math.....even on the weekends!!

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UnLock Math Review

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