Tuesday, October 16, 2018


I have spent quite a few years struggling with this particular concept. Not that I don’t understand forgiveness. I understand the importance of forgiveness, and have tried to live my life without bitterness or malice....but sometimes there are things that we deal with that almost seem like there should be an exception. We try to justify the wrong that was thrown upon us as a reason to hold a grudge. 

Every time I believed that I had truly forgiven, the resentment would sneak back into my heart. ❤️ I hope I’m not the only one that has had this struggle. 

I know that God’s Word is clear that to be forgiven we must forgive. Just like in the story of Joseph with his coat of many colors; he was sold into slavery and later was made second in command to Pharoah. We have to set aside our small minded thinking and realize that the things that were meant to harm us, God can use for good. 

God help me to always choose forgiveness over resentment. Help me to trust you, even when the road I am on is confusing and uncomfortable. I thank you for your Word that guides and directs me every step of the way. Please forgive me for holding grudges, and continue to purify my heart. 

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