Saturday, April 1, 2017

When Did Help Become Bad?

I spent the morning yesterday with my two sweet nieces L & M at Chick-Fil-A....or as they affectionately call it..... "ChickenfilA!" I thought it would be great to stop in and let them eat a little breakfast and play on the playland....which they love!! I was also being wise in the timing since we would be there before too many other people got the same idea! The sweet little sidekicks of mine are 4 and 1 3/4 years old. What I found out was that although the younger of the two is quite mobile, she happens to be just a little too short to make it up the tube by herself. 

When she realized that trying to climb up the tube by herself was proving unfruitful she turned around and ran straight to me. This was not just any run...she ran with her arms outstretched as she was calling my name! She knew that she couldn't do it on her own! Well, needless to say that melted my heart! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am always up for a little fun. But I am not so sure that a playland designed for children that are close to 40 years my junior would be considered my fun of choice! LOL! But I excitedly took off my shoes and helped her climb on in. Then as we made our way through the plastic maze I helped her explore and experience the playland in all its mighty splendor!

As I thought more about it, it made me think about my relationship with God. You see, children find it so easy to ask for help when they need it. They run to the ones they love, and ask for help. So that made me wonder......when does that switch flip? When does it become bad to ask for help?What makes us try to do everything on our own when a loving heavenly Father wants to help us?

God is waiting for us to ask for His help. He wants to help us experience life in all its splendor! Not that we won't go through difficulties, but we don't have to do it alone. Take time each day to invite God into your day.  He wants to help you through each situation that you face. Sometimes our life can be much like the plastic tubes of a playland and we may not be able to navigate it on our own. Be quick to go to God, He is waiting to hear from you. 

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